Watching A Business Grow: BW Wholesale Florists

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Approximately 15 years ago, a family friend, Jules Kruman, who at the time was in his 70s suggested that I reach out to a friend of his, Mike Ulrich, because he thought it would be a good personal and business relationship. Candidly, while I have always admired Jules, who is soft spoken, extremely intelligent, and very successful, I doubted that this connection would ultimately result in a lifetime friendship and business relationship.

That could not have been further from the truth. I had lunch with Mike shortly thereafter, who is similarly to Jules, extremely understated, showing up with an unshaven face and baggy jeans. We immediately hit it off. Mike is genuine, kind, and extremely intelligent.

Mike had recently moved to Pittsburgh from Jamestown, Pennsylvania to expand his family’s wholesale flower business, BW Wholesale Florists. He had purchased a warehouse on Penn Avenue, approximately six blocks from where Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh now sits.

BW-Wholesale-PittsburghOver time, so many trucks were pulling into the Penn Avenue warehouse that the business growth exceeded zoning limitations,  forcing Mike to move the business. He therefore purchased another building in the Strip District. Since that time, he purchased several other commercial properties in the Strip District as well as purchased Keystone Ribbon Company, a floral accessory company and purchased that building as well on Penn Avenue in the Strip District.

BW Wholesale went from being a bit player in the wholesale floral market to being the #2 wholesale flower business in the area. Despite the success of the business and the numerous commercial properties that Mike now owns, Mike remains as modest as ever.

As a lawyer, there are few greater feelings that than watching clients successfully grow their businesses. In this case, BW Wholesale has grown beyond anyone’s reasonable expectations. Mike is a pleasure to have as a business associate, but more importantly, as a true friend.

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