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The Best Burgh’er

January 14, 2013 | Posted by Ken Eisner | No Comments

I am always looking for a good hamburger. I grew up loving Tessaro’s, a burger so good that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette used to have a category entitled “Best Burger other than Tessaro’s.”  So, when I received a Groupon offer for Burgh’ers Restaurant in Zelienople, Pennsylvania with a promotion indicating that it was the best burger in Pittsburgh, I could not resist.

Literally hours later on the same day, I received a call from Fiore Moletz, the owner of Burgh’ers. Fiore is an excellent chef, having acquired a significant amount of his experience working directly under the executive chef at Lidia’s, an excellent Italian restaurant. Fiore asked me to handle a small legal matter for him. After laughing about the fact that I had just purchased a Groupon to his restaurant hours earlier, I challenged him on the representation that his burger was the best in Pittsburgh. He shared that his burger recently was in a competition with all of the top burger restaurants in Pittsburgh and had won the competition. Of course within a week, my family and I ventured to Burgh’ers.

Burger-Burghers-ZelienopleBurgh’ers is located just north of the town of Zelienople, in a strip mall on the left side of Route 19. The burger is amazing. IT IS THE BEST BURGER IN PITTSBURGH!  Better than BRGR, Burgatory, and yes, Tessaro’s. While the appearance of the restaurant was initially not too impressive, the restaurant has since been refurbished, and now also has a cool atmosphere.

I know, I know. You are probably thinking that you don’t want to drive to Zelienople. For this burger, it’s worth it. However, if you are still not convinced, be patient. If all goes well with negotiations, Burgh’ers will be opening in Cranberry Township within the year.

The burger is so good that I predict that it will work its way into Pittsburgh and we will eventually see a Burgh’ers restaurant somewhere in the heart of the City of Pittsburgh.

So, if you are up north, make the trip to Burgh’ers. You won’t be disappointed.


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