Practice Areas

Over 40 years of experience doing what we do.

We provide exceptional legal services in business law, healthcare law, estate planning and administration, and alternative dispute resolution.

With over 40 years of experience, Ken has practiced alot of law and has many satisfied clients in the following areas.

Business Law

We help closely held companies, family businesses, and franchises with a wide array of issues ranging from structuring complicated transactions to resolving disputes.

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Small Businesses

We represent small businesses starting with formation, assisting in their success, and ultimately their business succession plan. Throughout the life of the business, we negotiate their deals and draft their agreements.


We help several franchisors in their business matters, including drafting and revising franchise disclosure documents to be in compliance with federal and state laws. We also represent franchisees in negotiating their franchise agreement as well as other business matters.

Dispute Resolution

We look at every dispute as a potential deal. We use our creativity to advocate for our clients to resolve their disputes before going to court.

Healthcare Law

We represent numerous healthcare providers, physician practices, and physicians.

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We help physicians negotiate their employment agreements, as well as assist in medical staff or licensing issues that may arise.


We represent physician practices in their formation, structuring shareholders agreements, drafting employment and independent contractor agreements, business associate agreements, as well as any other agreements that are needed.

Sales and Purchases

We negotiate and draft sales and purchase agreements for physician practices.

Estate Planning & Administration

We help our clients develop a comprehensive plan to protect your wealth, minimize taxation, prepare for contingencies, and establish your legacy.

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We analyze our clients' financial situation and make recommendations as to ownership of assets and the selection of beneficiaries, consistent with our clients' requests.


After our analysis, we draft estate planning documents specific to our clients’ desires, including wills, trusts, financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and living wills.


Eventually, we all die and we are here to ensure that our clients' wishes are fulfilled and their legacies fulfilled.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We act as arbitrators and mediators, keeping parties out-of-court and saving them lots of money.

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Arbitration is when an independent person or persons hear the parties' dispute, act as a judge, and make a binding decision. Ken has arbitrated as the chairperson for a panel of three, acted as a sole arbitrator, and been a panel member for disputes ranging from small cases valued at a couple hundred dollars to multi-million dollar disputes.

Ken has a reputation for listening carefully and rendering a decision that is fair and in accordance with the law.


Mediation is when an independent person works with the disputing parties to come to a resolution of which all parties are satisfied. Ken does alot of these and the parties typically walk away from those mediations fully satisfied with the results.

Creative Advocacy

We also do what we call creative advocacy, which means advocate zealously for our clients, but appreciate the issues of the opposing parties. We work hard for a resolution that pleases our clients (and maybe even the opposing parties) prior to litigation.

Looking for other services?

We know what we do well. If we do not do it well, we are always upfront with our clients. If they want, we will recommend a lawyer with whom we are confident that our client will be pleased. We can either be a trusted law firm or a trusted resource. Either way, the client wins.

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