Healthcare Law

Prescription for Success

Healthcare is different than any other business and so is healthcare law. We represent our clients understanding those differences.

We represent numerous healthcare providers, physician practices, and physicians.

We assist physician practices in their formation as well as assist both physicians and physician practices in negotiating and drafting agreements that are specific to healthcare.

We also defend physicains when confronted by potential licensing or medical staff sanctions.

Our services include:

  • Negotiation

    We recognize that the first employment agreement that a physician signs plays a significant factor in their entire career. Our physician representation focuses on employment agreements.

    On behalf of physician practices, we negotiate and draft documents for all types of transactions, including sales, purchases, and mergers of physician practices.

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  • Formation

    We assist physician practices in forming the proper entities. This includes:

    • Certificate of Organization for limited liability companies
    • Articles of Incorporation for corporations
    • Docketing Statement
    • Application for Employer Identification Number
    • Purchase agreement or Lease for real estate
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  • Drafting Documents

    Drafting documents to address how the physician practices will function. For physician practices, this includes:

    • Operating Agreement or Bylaws
    • Members Agreement or Shareholders Agreement
    • Employment agreements
    • Noncompetition agreements
    • Business associate agreements
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  • Defending Physicians

    We do not do medical malpractice. However, we represent physicians in other adverse actions including:

    • Hospital medical staff disciplinary actions
    • State licensing disciplinary actions
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A word from one of our clients...

Ken's reviewed several contracts and I've referred many of my colleagues to him for contract review. He is responsive, prompt, and incredibly thorough in his reviews.

Meredith Snook Physician and Assistant Professor

Benefits to Our Clients

The combination of our business experience with our healthcare experience gives our physician and physician practice clients the best of both worlds. We understand business but also understand the unique nature of how healthcare business works.