Estate Planning and Administration

When you pass away, your assets are distributed to your loved ones three ways: (1) assets that are owned individually pass by probate through your will (or intestate if you have no will); (2) assets that are owned jointly typically pass by operation of law to the surviving property owner; and (3) assets such as life insurance policies and profit sharing plans that name a beneficiary passed pursuant to the contract terms.

Eisner Law provides what we call “global estate planning.” We analyze all assets and liabilities of our clients and provide planning advice to ensure our clients live the lives that they deserve, while passing their legacies onto their loved ones, all while attempting to minimize the adverse tax consequences. In addition to the analysis, we prepare the documents necessary to fulfill your wishes, including powers of attorney, trusts, living wills, and wills.

Eisner Law also provides estate administration, which is carrying out the wishes of their clients upon their death. These services include assisting in the transfer of assets, whether it be by probate, operation of law, or by contract.

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