Estate Planning & Administration

If there's a Will, there's a way.

We follow a process that not only includes preparing our clients' estate planning documents but we also make sure that all of their assets are titled properly and that all the proper beneficiaries are named.

We provide "global estate planning" services.

We analyze all assets and liabilities and provide planning advice on all three types of distribution (probate, operation of law, and contract) to ensure that our clients live the life that they deserve.

Eisner Law was voted one of the 15 Best Estate Planners in Pittsburgh by Expertise.

Our services include:

  • Estate Planning Analysis

    We provide what we call "global estate planning." When someone passes away, his or her assets are distributed his or her loved ones in three ways:

    1. Probate - Assets that are owned individually pass by probate through one’s Will or intestate if there is no Will. Through the preparation of Wills, we ensure that our clients’ assets are passed on to their loved ones.
    2. Operation of law - Assets that are owned jointly pass by operation of law to the surviving property owner.
    3. Contract - Assets such as life insurance policies and profit-sharing plans the name a beneficiary pass pursuant to the contract terms.
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  • Estate Planning Documentation

    In addition to the analysis, we prepare the documents necessary to fulfill your wishes, including:

    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Financial powers of attorney
    • Healthcare powers of attorney
    • Living Wills
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  • Estate Administration

    We provide estate administration, which is carrying out the wishes of our clients upon their death. These services include:

    • Appointing and working closely with the personal representative
    • Notifying all beneficiaries
    • Advertising the estate
    • Transferring assets, whether by probate, operation of law, or by contract
    • Paying all lawful obligations of the decedent and often negotiating a lower settlement amount
    • Filing all of the necessary paperwork, including for closure of the estate
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A word from one of our clients...

I recommend Eisner Law Firm to business owners and families looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate attorney with the highest integrity in the profession.

Michelle Bushee Real Estate Agent

Benefits to Our Clients

While many of our clients often contact us to prepare the proverbial "simple will," they are typically a bit surprised but thrilled about the thorough analysis we do of all of their assets before we draft their documents. Our analysis has not only provided clients' significant savings but also ensured that their legacies were properly passed on.